Joining Rotary

Become a Member or Friend of our E-Club

Being a Member of Rotary International allows you to ‘Make A Difference in the World’. Join 1.3 million other like minded individuals and change people’s lives.

Being a Friend of our Rotary E-Club allows you to stay in touch with news and events. You can elect to receive Newsletters, email updates etc.

Membership Overview

The purpose of the Rotary E-Club of D9510online in District 9510, is to extend Rotary to business, professional and community leaders in any Rotary District who are unable to meet traditional weekly meeting attendance requirements.

Inability to attend a traditional Rotary Club could be the result of demanding business or professional commitments, extensive travel, confinement due to ill health or disability, or residence beyond reasonable distance from an existing Rotary Club.

To be a member of the Rotary E-Club of D9510online means:-

  • You live or do business in ANY Rotary District in any country of the Rotary world.
  • Your current circumstances are such that it may not be possible to meet attendance requirements
    of a traditional Rotary Club, which is typically a weekly meeting in a specific location.
  • You are a contributor to society in your profession, occupation, industry, business,
    or community role.
  • You are committed to the personal ethic of Service Above Self, The Four-Way Test and support the Object of Rotary

You can be part of Rotary International by completing the Expression of Interest Form which will be reviewed by our E-Club Board, and we will respond with a Membership Application Form to complete the process of Membership with the E-Club of D9510online.

E-Club Members & Membership

Our E-Club requires that current active Rotarians applying for membership provide an endorsement from their current Rotary Club President together with letters of reference from two currently active Rotarian colleagues. Active Rotarians must notify their current District Governor of their intention to join the Rotary E-Club of D9510 online.

Non Rotarian applicants to The Rotary E-Club of D9510online must provide two endorsements, at least one of which preferably is a current Rotarian, and one letter of character endorsement from Business or Community Leader.

What we expect of Members

That You are willing to participate regularly in the Rotary E-Club of D9510online community and as appropriate and feasible, you are willing to accept tasks and responsibilities.

You accept that all E-Club programs, forums, business, and communications are conducted in English.

You are willing if you can, make financial contributions to support Club Projects, Rotary Programs and The Rotary Foundation.

You accept that, for the purpose of Rotary administration, you will be considered a member in good standing of the Rotary E-Club of D9510online, Australia although residing in a State or Province of your own country.

You have regular access to the Internet and are willing to acquire the necessary skills to participate in the activities of the Rotary E-Club of D9510online, via ZOOM Communications.

Do you believe these membership requirements…

…can be part of your future? If so, we would like to hear from you. Please use this Expression of Interest Form to complete the appropriate fields and submit to the Membership Director with the Email Contact on the Form. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted appropriately.

Your Commitment to our E-Club

E-Club Members must commit to a minimum of twelve hours personal service per calendar quarter.   Several of our members willingly exceed the minimum by many hours each quarter. Be assured your time commitments are respected, and the range and variety of service projects reflects the diverse community interests of our members worldwide. Rotary E-Club of D9510online Members are actively engaged in Community Service, Youth Service, International Service, Vocational Service Projects.

We have a fortnightly fellowship meeting through our Fellowship Forum via ZOOM, just email us –  We also communicate with email and face-to-face meetings as a cohesive group of friends who share a common empathy toward community service.