E-Club IT Services

E-Club  IT Management Service

A typical scenario is that many Clubs and Rotary programs are not aware of backend IT management of domains, websites and email systems etc.

Sometimes a Club Member with good intent organises a domain and hosting for a Clubs website, then leaves the Club, and so remaining Clubs Members need to locate details and try to transfer the owner of the domain, hosting and website back into the Club.

Members may not have the knowledge or skill to effectively change ownership/transfer and so the ‘eClub IT Management Service’ has been established. The eClub is helping Rotary Clubs and Rotary programs.

We have the skills to provide all backend IT management including domain management, website hosting, domain aliasing, email management, SSL security certificates (which adds the ‘s’ in  HTTPS://  so Google recognises this as a secure website… this is a must these days, and then database & website backup and a host of other services.

To do this the eClub has established a very fast secure ‘Domain & Hosting Package Service’ with VentraIP, which we are able to share the cost and provide a cheaper alternative for Clubs.
(VentraIP is also an Australian based Company)

For example, a typical hosting for domain, website, email and SSL security would cost around $188 –  $240 per year, but the eClub Package offering the same service will cost only a minimum of $59.40 per year.  So just sit back and relax, and we will do the work for you.

We are continuing support to Clubs with backend maintenance services, manage domain due expiry dates  etc. 7 days a week service (reasonable hours) and all invoicing from the eClub IT Management Service.

A Secure Service by eClub Rotarians for Rotary Clubs and Rotary Programs.


1   For Rotary Clubs and Rotary programs in D9510            Hosting $59.40 per year (2021/22)

2   For Volunteer Groups outside of Rotary                         Hosting $65.80 per year (2021/22)

3   For micro enterprises / startup businesses                     Hosting & IT Package
– please contact person below:

For further information, please contact –
Graham Fussen  –  mobile: 0412 694 461  –  email:   graham@rotaryeclub.org.au

What about the front end – Websites

Naturally we also provide the creation of Websites, training for you to manage your new website, establishment of emails tied to your domain and always on call if you need more help.

The cost of a domain is around $17 to $24 per year and hosting with the eClub IT service is only $59.40 per year.

I would suggest a basic word press website, and we provide 2 x 2hour sessions of training and assistance prior to the launch of the new website.

The content of your current website (if you have an old website) can be copied to your new website domain and while this is being done and on completion of training, we can then switch the links to your new website. Finally I will link the new Website to the District link and then the Website will link to Facebook and visa versa.

To build a new Word Press website copy & create content, establish email addresses and training, and on-line forms etc; will be a minimum low cost of $500.

Below are a few of the Word Press Websites that we have produced:



https://2024loxton.au/    2024 District Conference website








Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss any of the options I have suggested.
Graham Fussen  –  mobile: 0412 694 461  –  email:   graham@rotaryeclub.org.au