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My Booking Manager Event service

Quick Background

The previous District 9500 operated a ‘District My Booking Event Manager’ since 2013. I have been the administrator of this service since 2017.

When the merge happened the then District 9520 decided not to use My Booking Manager!  They setup the District Club Runner the Event Runner which is dedicated to the Conference, so all funds go into the conference bank account.

After some discussion within the eClub, we decided to ask MBM owners if we (eClub D9510online), could take over the previous District 9500 MBM Account and offer the same service to Rotary Clubs establishing a function event or having on-line sales, or something like the Pichi Richi Marathon, we run for the Flinders Ranges Council.

Current MBM Service

 The eClub D9510online, was able to re-establish the previous account and organised Stripe as (a visa-card processing facility) and a direct bank account, separate from any other Club accounts.

The MBM Service costs are:

  • Each registration is a MBM fee of $1.38
  • Stripe processing fee for Visa Card processing is 1.6%
  • eClub management fee is 1%  The (1% funds) are then donated to Australian Rotary Health (Mental Health)so everyone wins!

The MBM Event service can be operated by Clients, so they can have as much hands-on with the project as they wish, or ask the eClub to manage the event, build the invitation page and manage registrations on your behalf. All clients are provided with a password access so they can see on a daily basis registrations and what transactions are being processed.

With each event after creation of the invitation page, your committee is able to proof read and test before the link is made live.

You will need to make sure your ‘registration fee’  can include the above small costs – from previous events allow approx. 3.00 to 3.50 per registration, if they pay via a visa card / master card.

We can also include your bank account number as some people may like to pay direct via EFT. This attracts none of the above costs.

You are able to embed the link into an email to the event, or add the link to a .Pdf flyer.

In addition, we will create a ‘QR Code’  linked directly to the event booking form – this is free!

Joining MBM