Nepal Village Community

Following a request from one of our Members, Dr Joanne Richardson the Club was able to donate $750 to help buy food packages and items for the small remote village (Patle) in the farming community.

Chhepal Sherpa , Patle okhaldhunga helped to distribute goods to 157 families with 30 Kg sacks of rice and setup 4 hand washing stations with soap. The stations are at a health unit, a public place, school and at a monastery , all which will be of great benefit to families trying to maintain better health practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Email received from Surendra Bikram Prajapati

Dear friends,

Warm greetings and Namaste! I do hope everyone is in good health and well at the moment. Due to COVID-19 spreading everywhere and affecting the lives of billions of peoples across the world during the last six months.

In the beginning, we used to feel we very much secured and didn’t have any cases the five months ago and no death cases a month ago in Nepal . The government and people were not so serious, and we used to watch the news about COVID-19 effects in China, Spain, Italy, and USA a lot. The government has not taken any precaution and preparedness to fight against COVID-19. PCR not tested properly for the people who came back from India at the border areas, not managed ventilators, other necessary medical equipment, and not managed well quarantine facilities for the migrants. Due to carelessness and negligence, now the number of infection rates is rapidly rising every day.  Up to today, 26,660 confirmed cases and 105 death cases among 500,000 tests and spreading in 73 districts out of 77 districts in Nepal. There are nearly 2500 suicide cases during the last five months and is increasing day by day due to mental problems caused by COVID-19.

Till two weeks ago, we didn’t have any cases found in our community level, within the short period of time 41 confirmed active cases were already found in Thimi community level . Some cases were just found at the Nepal Korea Friendship  Hospital which is nearer to our school. So, the local government sealed the whole community for 15 days from yesterday and closed down all the markets, hospitals, and offices and noticed to all not to go outside.

All the local people are feeling unsecured and anxious at the present. Mainly, marginalized families are being suffered very badly as the government is not supporting to them at all. Besides, Having all the difficulties and problems, our local Rotary club has been supporting many local families continuously and our school is also helping the local needy children to continue their education. The school has been conducting the virtual classes to all the students by using different modalities.

On the behalves of Rotary club, Vinayak Shiksha Niketan school, and a whole Thimi community , I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all for your efforts and contribution to help the community and school in this very critical situation and also hope for same support and cooperation in future too,

Thank god, we all school teachers, children, and parents are safe and well till today and also pray for ending of COVID-19 sooner.

Stay safe and healthy. Thanks.

With regards

Surendra Bikram Prajapati

Founder Principal
Vinayak Shiksha Niketan English Secondary School

Charter President
Rotary Club of Madhyapur