eConnections with DG Jane

DG Jane  eConnections
This weekly online ZOOM Communication series enables Rotarians to connect and communicate experiences and ideas for developing Rotary during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

eConnections March 30 2020  with DG Jane, with guests will be PDG Marie Dorrington and Dannielle Camporeale to provide an interactive discussion on membership ideas to retain members and attract new members during there unusual times. There will be an opportunity for you to comment on your Clubs experiences and initiatives.
Attendees 74


eConnections April 5 2020 with DG Jane, my guests will be PDG Doug Layng, current Foundation Chair and Marie-louise Lees, D9510 incoming Foundation Chair who will present an interactive discussion on how we are going to keep engaged and connected with each creating worthy projects. There will be an opportunity for you to comment on your Clubs ideas for projects that would be suitable for a District Grant.
Attendees 71

eConnections April 20 2020 with DG Jane, in continuing with the eConnections ZOOM Presentations, we are going to present a series of topics that are demonstrating the best experiences and knowledge gained by Rotary Clubs using ZOOM to stay connected with Members.

To do this I would like to ask the Hosts of Club ZOOM Meetings to consider the following points and prepare some thoughts so you can present these on Monday night.
Here are a few points to consider;

  • Please tell us about your Clubs experiences in using ZOOM,
  • Have all members joined, or are you keeping in contact by phone or email,
  • Have you established a roster for Club Members to phone those members ‘who are not using the technology’,
  • Are you looking at on-line projects – either fundraising or Community Service projects,
  • What has been your experience in having ‘guest speakers’ online at a ZOOM meeting?
  • Would you like to promote your ZOOM Meeting on a ‘secure (login) page on the District Website’, or how would you like to invite other Clubs to your ZOOM meeting?
    Attendees 55


eConnections April 27 2020 with DG Jane, this week I am introducing two special guests who are our Rotary Youth Exchange Students. Ella Dixon who will join us from Denmark and Renee Chamberlain who has just returned from Germany are going to present their experiences so far.

Ella lives in Port Augusta and attends Caritas College. Supported by Rotary Club of Port Augusta her counsellor is Leah Rasmus. Ella is currently in Denmark and is being hosted by the Rotary Club Aabenraa in District 1461.

Renee lives in Gawler, where she attends the Gawler and District College. She was hosted by The Stuttgart-Solitude RC in District 1950. Supported by Gawler Light Club her counsellor is Bron Anderson. Her parents decided to recall Renee back from her exchange in Germany due to the Covid-19 changes. She spent 2 weeks in isolation in Melbourne following her return flight back to Australia and is currently in-home isolation in Gawler. They are both very intelligent young women and are eager to tell us about their wonderful experiences.
Attendees 59


eConnections May 5 2020 with DG Jane, this week my guest on Monday night 4th May will be Stephen Noble, District Treasurer. His Rotary journey began with Rotary Club of Waikerie (1980 – 2014) and Rotary Club of Adelaide (2014 to present).  I add that I was a member of the Rotaract Club of Prospect from June 1985 through to December 1980.

Stephen’s presentation will be on Cyber Security and Email Scams, a subject that is very important for all of us to understand and adopt our own precautions. Stephen is very skilled in professional practice as a Chartered Accountant – a director of both Thnk Advisory – and Australian Independent audit Services. As a strong business development professional with the following qualifications / memberships : FCA, CFP, Gd Dip App. Fin & Inv. , SMSF Specialist & TEP ( Trust & Estate Planner). 

This will be great presentation as Stephen has selected a few short video scenarios to support his Cyber Security discoveries and recommendations.
Attendees 45

PowerPoint Presentation Download
Links to videos – click on links below

       It wasn’t me
      Cellphone hacker – this is how hackers hack you using simple social engineering
      Amazing mind reader reveals his “gift”
      The Devils’ in Your Details Online Fraud
      The Devils in Their Details 1 Risky Man
      The way Joe Lycett dealt with this scam is the funniest four minutes

Stephen Noble’s Presentation


eConnections May 11 2020 with DG Jane, this week is the opening of District 9500 Virtual Conference.  Your conference committee is working diligently towards this launch and the conference material will be released on the conference website over a period of three weeks to avoid information overload. 
The sessions have been recorded in twenty to twenty five minute bite size pieces suitable to show at a Club meeting.  Although this can’t replicate the fellowship of the conference, it will provide the sharing of Rotary information that a conference brings.  A virtual tour of Whyalla and virtual showcase will also be part of the conference.
We are incredibly pleased that all conference sponsors have joined our endeavours and we are very grateful for their ongoing support.
DG Jane Owens and Marie-louise Lees, Conference Committee Chair
Attendees 102

eConnections May 18th 2020  with DG Jane, guests are the Rotary Youth Exchange inbound students. Three students, Sara from Italy, Ana from Brazil and Jonas from Denmark will present an insight into their home country and experiences in Australia so far.

Why not join us on Monday 18th at 6:30pm to support these young people who have come to Australia for 12 months Youth Exchange experience.
Attendees 68


eConnections May 25th 2020 with DG Jane, guests are District Governor Elect David Jones who would like to introduce you to messages from the International Assembly and fine tuning for the merging of both Districts to District 9510. In addition David would like to invite us to the first District 9510 Conference which is under planning at the moment.
Immediate PDG David Egan would like to comment on the email was sent to all members by Rotary Down Under inviting all to have a say on how Rotary should be shaped for the future. If, like me you love Rotary, and you wish to see us flourish for another 100 years, I encourage you to respond to a brief survey seeking your views and how to get involved.
Attendees 64


eConnections June 1 2020  with DG Jane, tonight’s eConnections includes our very special guest PDG Sue Hayward who is the RIPR for our District Conference. PDG Sue’s presentation for this evening is “Personalities / Working Together”
The last two sessions of the Virtual Conference will be opened and I trust you will enjoy these presentations. We will also pay tribute with an in-memoriam service to our Rotary Family who have been called to higher service.
We will also be announcing the District Awards. PDG Sue will assist me with the announcements.
Attendees 65


eConnections June 15 2020Our guests for this week’s eConnections on Monday night 15th June will be Trudy Grice and Andrew Best from Rotary International South Pacific & Philippines Office, in Parramatta.
Trudy is the Coordinator, for Club and District Support and a very busy person as the first point of contact for Rotarians in Australia, PNG and Timor-Leste, Trudy assists with any matter in relation to club or district administration.
 Andrew Best as the Supervisor of the Club & District Support team provides direct support to Rotarians, Clubs, Districts, District and Regional Leaders on all things Rotary; including RI policy, governance, training, disputes, MyRotary and branding.

It’s going to be a very interesting presentation on “How Covid-19 is impacting Rotary”, with regular activities and how Rotarians are responding in terms of connection and service activities.  They will also feature what Rotary International is doing to support clubs during this time and they will include a promo for the 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention.
Attendees 29

eConnections June 22 2020, For a different approach our guest for this week’s eConnections on Monday night 22nd June will be David Moran CEO of Mental Health Partners.
David is at the coal face of Mental Health training and his business has grown 239% in the past 4 years. His presentation will address a few key issues that we are all experiencing during the Covid-19 pandemic. He will explain Mental Health first aid, how we notice loneliness and what do we do if we notice someone is lonely.

PDF Resources:
MHP I Statements
MHP Resources Rotary District eConnections
David Moran  CEO Mental Health Partners
Mobile:   0402 749 850

eConnections June 29 2020,
Our final eConnections Zoom meeting for District 9500 is titled Celebrating D9500 – a lasting legacy.  Let’s get together to celebrate and share some of the lasting legacies our District has achieved. The plan is to have approximately 5 speakers to talk about a few of our projects and some history.