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Help needed for AFAR

Valerie Browning better known as the “Desert Angel” has provided an update report on the turmoil facing the AFAR region of Ethiopia.

Valerie wrote;  “now this conflict has moved into the 3rd week. Still, there are so many displaced not reached and fighting continues. Today, there is a new displacement from a government – established farming community of Sanuta in Uwwa.

We are trying to share the extent of this situation with media – BBC world service has now reported twice but otherwise, despite the huge devastation and losses, the world still appears quiet. of course if you need more information, please do contact – APDA now is the organization to reach the rural communities since our members can move freely through the areas and also, with the rain, we are taking every effort to move using camels and the like.”
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News - we live in a global world

Rotarian had already lost their life – due to lack of oxygen

When a Rotarian loses their life with COVID, reality sets in that he was part of our extended Rotary Family.

One of our eClub members Joanne, has a personal connection with a Rotarian in this small region of Nepal and she has raised a plea with our Club Members and our extended Rotary Family to provide some financial assistance. The money will immediately be used to purchase PPE and if possible supply of oxygen for the small hospital in the area. ‘Rotary is on the ground working to help people’.

The eClub has established a fund to help this small region in an isolated rural region of Nepal.

Here is a link for the details to support and a letter from Rotarian Surendra.

Can you help?

Donations can be made directly to the eClubs account;
Bendigo Bank:     Rotary E-Club D9510online, Australia
BSB: 633-000
Account No: 156 707 358
(please mark reference – NEPAL + your Club Name)
President Eric Russell MBE