eConnections - DG Jane

eConnections with DG Jane #3

In continuing with the eConnections ZOOM Presentations, we are going to present a series of topics that are demonstrating the best experiences and knowledge gained by Rotary Clubs using ZOOM to stay connected with Members.

To do this I would like to ask the Hosts of Club ZOOM Meetings to consider the following points and prepare some thoughts so you can present these on Monday night.

Here are a few points to consider;

  • Please tell us about your Clubs experiences in using ZOOM,
  • Have all members joined, or are you keeping in contact by phone or email,
  • Have you established a roster for Club Members to phone those members ‘who are not using the technology’,
  • Are you looking at on-line projects – either fundraising or Community Service projects,
  • What has been your experience in having ‘guest speakers’ online at a ZOOM meeting?
  • Would you like to promote your ZOOM Meeting on a ‘secure (login) page on the District Website’, or how would you like to invite other Clubs to your ZOOM meeting?

Attendees: 55