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Are You Getting Your Rotary Fulfilment?

Do you know someone who has a community spirit, can’t attend regular meetings, works long hours, travels a lot or lives in a remote area, or does not drive or may have a disability, then the E-Club may help you to continue your volunteer desires in being part of Rotary.

You may have a community project and would like some assistance, so just give us a call or email and we will have a look at your project and offer assistance in some form. We are always considering ‘partnerships’ to develop collaboration and mutual promotion of services or product.

Our “Food For Health project” was developed from a partnership with SA Health and some dedicated members wishing to make a difference with choices in healthy eating. This project now has a number of commitments from Clubs and organisations actively using the resources from the website to promote better choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Whilst only a small Club at the moment, we are actively reviewing some interesting projects and partner with appropriate organisations to build ideas into a viable project. As we involve people with the right mix of skills, our Club will build in membership and expand beyond an Australian Base. Two members of the Club now reside in the US.

We are a unique Rotary Club in that we ‘meet on-line using ZOOM and then get together on a social basis every 4-5 months. Some members do attend Rotary meetings and functions within the District, with a few Members having various roles in District, we all are fulfilling our Rotary commitments. Our club members also get together to work on projects and occasionally just to have a good time.

During the online discussions we plan projects and events, find ways to use our skills and knowledge to help our local and global communities, and enjoy networking and building friendships.

Being a Rotarian is all about being an active member of a team of people who have fun making the world a better place to live in.  If this interests you, go to our Web page and let us know of your interest via the expression of interest form.

Graham Fussen
E-Club of Greater South Oz
Mobile: 0412 694 461