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July 2020  DG Newsletter

                                        Dear fellow Rotarians and friends of Rotary,
                                        Welcome to District 9510.
                                        It is a great honour to be entrusted as your District Governor to serve the District over the
                                       next 12 months. In Holger Knaack’s year where ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES it is my
        intention with Lyn, to visit our District’s 85 clubs in one form or another over the next 12 months. Whilst
        doing so, I will be encouraging clubs to explore the opportunities for engagement that could exist through
        partnering with Local Government and other organisations and to provide both existing and new members
        opportunities to engage with Rotary.
        There are several events planned throughout the year. The inaugural District Conference will be held from
        16th-18th April in Bendigo. A Virtual Bike-ride/walk to Bendigo is also being planned by the ARH Commit-
        tee and a Polio Ute Relay is planning to be launched around World Polio Day in October. In addition, we
        have the 100th Anniversary of Rotary in Australia this year as you can see from our lead story. I hope many
        Rotarians will take the opportunity to engage in these events.
        Rotary Matters will be our official monthly publication and would like to I thank Editor Euan Miller (Nor-
        wood) and Graham Fussen (D9510 Online) for the production, which will be distributed 1st week of each
        month. This is an opportunity for you to tell your Rotary story.  In addition, I feel there is a need for clubs to
        advertise their events to the wider District. That opportunity will exist with a mid-month publication called
        Rotary Classifieds. Contributions to this can be sent to District Secretary David Fenton. See details below.
        I welcome all Presidents to their role. The District 9510 Leadership team look forward to being of service to
        you in the year ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES.

        Yours in Rotary
         David Jones

                                                                            In this edition

                                                                   Centenary of Rotary in Australia Launch                       p  2
                                                                   End Trachoma 2020 project                                             p  2

                                                                   Rotary Club Adelaide Light                                              p  3
                                                                   Rotary Club Magill Sunrise                                              p  3
                                                                   Rotary Club Henley Beach                                               p  4

                                                                   Rotary Club Edwardstown                                               p  4
                                                                   Rotary Clubs support Helping SA farmers                    p  5
                                                                   Bob Arnold O AM - Rotary Club of Blackwood            p  6
                                                                   Rotary Club Stirling                                                          p  8
                                                                   Rotary Club West Torrens                                                p  9

                                                                   Rotary Club West Lakes                                                   p  9
                                                                   Rotary Club Morialta                                                       p 10
                                                                   Rotary Club Mitcham                                                      p 11

                                                                   The District Changeover                                                 p 12
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