Page 1 - MODULE 4 GLOBAL GRANT MANAGEMENT SEMINAR D9510 Rotary Foundation Training 2022-23
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The Rotary Foundation Online Training

                      MODULE 4 - Global Grants Qualification Seminar

    Grant Management       Global Grant
         Seminar            Qualification

        ✓ Completion of the Global Grants Seminar is only required if the Rotary Club wishes to apply for a Global Grant Project.
        ✓ There is no fixed time line for applying for Global Grants so this seminar can be completed at any time prior to making

            an application for a Global Grant

        ✓ The Seminar is a course in the Rotary International Learning Centre  to enrol in this course you will need a MyRotary

            Login.  If you don’t have one there are instructions on the MyRotary Site:
        ✓ The following slides step through enrolling in the course
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