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October 2020  DG Newsletter

                                        Dear fellow Rotarians and friends of Rotary,
                                        Lyn and I have travelled as far west as Pt Lincoln in September and have been warmly
                                        welcomed by clubs as we deliver the Rotary message from RI President, Holger Knaack.
                                        During the month, we were also fortunate to attend the celebration of the Rotary Club
                                        of Blackwood’s 50th Birthday where many memories where shared and a legacy of Rotary
        Service was revealed. Well done Blackwood on reaching this milestone.

                                                                        Last Sunday, I was fortunate enough
                                                                        to witness a great youth project in
                                                                        action, the Rotary Youth Sailing
                                                                        Challenge inspired and initiated
                                                                        by David Binks OAM (RC Glenelg).
                                                                       17 students departed on an
                                                                       adventurous 5-day voyage where
                                                                       they will be challenged as a team to
        sail the magnificent One and All sailing ship under the captaincy of Bill Walsh (RC Glenelg).

              Left: All Aboard heading for Gulf St Vincent.             Right: DG David with David Binks and Captain Bill Walsh.

        Economic and community development is one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus. Unemployment,
        underemployment, lack of economic opportunity, lack of appropriate training, and the absence of social
        safety nets lie at the core of poverty.  Nearly 800 million people live on less than $1.90 a day.

        Creating productive employment opportunities is essential for reducing poverty, achieving sustainable
        economic and social development, providing income security and empowerment especially for  women,
        people with disabilities, youth, and the extremely poor.

        Has your Club considered how you it can help improve these statistics both in Australia and internationally?

                  ALUMNI RECONNECT WEEK  5th to 11th October
        Reconnect Week is a way for former Rotary program participants and scholars like Peace Fellows, Youth
        Exchange Students, Rotary Scholars, ex-Rotaractors, and past participants of our Youth Programs (e.g. NYSF,
        RYLA and RYPEN) to reunite with Rotary.
        Lyn and I are both past Rotaractors therefore alumni and have recognised the benefit of reconnecting
        to a life of service through Rotary. So often we sponsor young people (and not so young at times) to our
        programs, they may come and talk to our club but are never to be heard from again. We should not be
        afraid to engage with our alumni and ask what they would like to achieve by remaining involved in Rotary.
        In October, attempt to connect with your alumni by asking them to volunteer in one of your projects.

                  DISTRICT CONFERENCE  16th-18th APRIL 2021
        The Conference Committee is happy to announce the new venue for the District 9510 Conference will be
        Westminster School at Marion. Unfortunately, due to current Covid restrictions, the number of attendees
        at this moment will be limited to approximately 300. This will hopefully change
        in due course and the ability to host more Rotarians increased.
        More details and Registrations will follow.

                  Yours in Rotary    DG David Jones
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