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May 2021  DG Newsletter

                                        Dear fellow Rotarians and friends of Rotary,
                                        It would seem from the feedback received from of the 320 delegates to the inaugural
                                        District 9510 Conference, that the Conference Committee met your expectations and,
                                        in many cases, exceeded them. Planning for the Conference commenced nearly 3 years
        ago. Unfortunately, it was partially interrupted with Covid-19 and meant the
        committee made the difficult decision to relocate from Bendigo to Adelaide.
        I thank Rotarians for supporting our efforts to bring you a face-to-face conference
        in Adelaide thereby removing the risk of you being stranded interstate or unable
        to attend due to possible Covid restrictions.

        We heard from some outstanding and thought-provoking speakers such as
        Dr James Muecke, Mark Balla, Gabrielle Kelly - the list continued. From personal
        life experiences to inspiring and uplifting personal successes. Our speakers spoke
        eloquently and passionately about their stories, including the presentation from our Young Australian
        of the Year, Isobel Marshall. The Gala Dinner at the Convention Centre was also noted as very enjoyable
        experience and the attendance by the Premier was well received.

        I truly hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the Conference. It was not only an opportunity for fun
        and fellowship celebrating the first year of our new District, but also the chance to hear about the
        broader work of Rotary and be inspired to look beyond our own Clubs. A big thank you to the Conference
        Committee and Chair Arthur Manser. I also thank my fellow Rotarians and partners at the Rotary Club of
        Mitcham for their support. Next year’s Conference will be held in the Barossa from 1st to 3rd April so do
        not miss that opportunity for more fun, fellowship and inspiration as we continue to move forward

        240 guests from Area 12 clubs attended The Rotary Club of Adelaide’s meeting on the 21st April to
        celebrate the Centenary of the charter of the Rotary Club of Melbourne. His Excellency the Honourable
        Hieu Van Le and Mrs Lan Le were guests in attendance.

        As we celebrate the centenary of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand, we are reminded of the 100 years
        we have spent making a difference to the lives and destinies of generations; an extraordinary milestone
        deserving of reflection, celebration, and immense pride.
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