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     Rotary Coordinator’s Newsletter                      February 2021                                           Volume 11 – Issue 7

                                                           ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’

                                     Article by RC PDG Adrian Roach

                                     I hope you all enjoyed the  Christmas  -  New Year break and are
    In this issue:                   looking forward to what 2021 brings.
                                     We have been hearing about “New Style Rotary Clubs” and I am
                                     pleased  to say  that  there  is  some online Training available about
    1    Happy New Year!             ARCs listed on the last page, Regional Membership Officer Barbara Mifsud, myself,
                                     starting a New Style Rotary Club. There is lots of help available including your
                                     and Incoming ARC Andy Rajapakse who will focus on New Style Rotary Clubs.
                                     I wanted to share a good news story as told by my Rotary Club’s 20-year-old new
         - Regional Membership       President Nominee Kiarni Telfer.
    2      Officer Update            “At the age of 15,  I underwent major brain surgery to cure 4  years  of

         - Update your Website       uncontrollable epilepsy. The operation was risky and came with a long-winded
                                     list of potential outcomes. After a very successful operation and speedy recovery,
         - Membership and            it was time to start living life to the absolute fullest.
    3      Marketing                 I was first introduced to Rotary through the advertisement of the Rotary Club of

                                     Greenhills’ “Real Schoolies 2018” trip to Papua New Guinea. This was my first
         - Family Fun Nights         time overseas, let alone on an aeroplane. After this lifechanging  experience, I
         - Foundation Funding        knew Rotary is what I had been looking for. Once turning 18, I was inducted into
           Crisis                    the club. I was drawn  to  the club, as my passions are  based around youth,
    4  - 180% Increase in            leadership, growth, and international aid (in particular, the Papua New Guinea
                                     community), mirroring the club’s interests and projects.
           Membership                During my time as a Rotarian, I have been exposed to endless opportunities that
         - Power of a Story          have not only helped shape who I am as an individual but also as a leader. Endless
    5    - Making Meetings           fundraisers have allowed for me to develop my skill base further. I have attended

                                     D9670’s “Rotary’s Youth Program of Enrichment” Camp, both as a participant
           Meaningful                and twice as a mentor. I am currently the Director of Membership for my club, as
         - Modernising our           well as the D9670 Membership Team – Young Member Liaison.
    6    - How to Make Your Club     I look forward to my future opportunities as a proud Rotarian, especially in my
                                     year as President in 2022/23. The year will mark milestones, the 10-year
         - Presidential Message      anniversary our club and most excitingly, the first year in the organisations 115-
                                     year history, that we will be led by Jennifer E. Jones, the first women to hold the
                                     international presidency title.
    7    Create a Harassment-        I hope to create annual events to support both the local and international

                                     communities, continue good communication and see a growth in members, whilst
           Free Zone at Rotary
                                     maintaining a healthy relationship and connection with current members.”
                                     Our President Elect is 31-year-old Patrick Healy who is a Past District Treasurer
         - Promote Flexibility       and a forensic Accountant.
    8  - The Team                                                                           Patrick Healey

                                                                                            President Elect Rotary
                                                                                            Club of Greenhills-
                                                                                            Maitland and Kiarni
                                                                                            Telfer President
                                                                                            Nominee Rotary Club of
                                                                                            Greenhills- Maitland

                                                                                            Our Club is happy to have
                                                                                            both Patrick and Kiarni as
                                                                                            members     and    future
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