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ROTARY ON THE MOVE                                                                                    Zone 8

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       CONNECTS THE WORators’ Newsletter
  Rotary Coordin                                                                  April 2020     Volume 10 - Issue 9

                                                 ‘RECHARGING YOUR ROTARY BATTERY’
                                    Article by RC PDG Adrian Roach

                                    While it has been a very busy month attending two awesome multi
                                    district PETS in Creswick, VIC and Auckland, and taking a quick
                                    trip to my Club’s project in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, it
                                    has been time well spent reviving and recharging my Rotary

    In this issue:                  It was exciting to be with the
                                    Elect  and  assist  them  all
                                    with their planning. My
         Recharging Your Rotary     personal thanks go out to the
    1      Battery                  many  people  behind  the
                                    scenes    that training  these

                                    together.  To bring together
         Regional Membership        the   presenters,   keynote
    2      Officer Update           speakers and attendees is an
                                    amazing feat.  Having multi district events allows us to bring in speakers of the
                                    calibre of Jennifer Jones and husband Nick Krayacich.  Jennifer and Nick not only

         - Engage Members in        captured the attention of attendees with stories of their Rotary work, they provided
           our COVID-19 World       ideas for extending our own work.
    3  - During the Coronavirus     I  believe the  most  important parts of  both weekends were  the networking and
           Pandemic                 fellowship, learning from each other and exchanging ideas. It was pleasing to learn
         - Replies to the Article of   that many Rotarians are using and especially accessing
                                    Rotary’s learning and reference materials
           page 3                   reference . Now with many Rotary and other community events cancelled, we all
    4  - COVID-19 and               have some extra time to “poke around” and learn some more.
           Meetings                 Deepening our impact by expanding membership is a top priority for Rotary. I’d like
         - Connecting               to pose a challenge for everyone to use the resources below to help your Club grow:
         - Connect with              •  Assess your club                      •  Follow your membership leads
    5      Prospective Members       •  Engage current members                •  Make new members feel welcome
         - Rotary Video              •  Connect with prospective members      •  Develop your club

         - Taking your Club         Having just visited my Club’s, Paul Tunn Dental Project in Papua New Guinea, I was
           Online for Meetings      again enthused to see the positive impact being made for the people of the Jiwaka
    6    - Business Casual          Province in the PNG highlands ( It was
                                    so pleasing to witness the support from the Rotary Club of Nondugl in assisting the
                                    300,000 community (60,000) children access oral health care with modern up to

         -  Prepare your First      date facilities, and how Rotary has enabled a local Dentist to  improve his  skills
           Zoom Meeting             through training with a Gold Coast based Dentist working with the project.
    7  - Great ABC Article
         -  Ways to Connect                                                I am a firm believer that people join Rotary
                                                                           to help a cause or community.  Ask members
                                                                           of the community to  be involved in  your
         - Embracing Virtual                                               Club projects, they will want to join and
           Meetings                                                        current members will want to stay.
    8    - The Team
                                                                           I know after spending a week in PNG
                                                                           working with  such a talented, dedicated
                                                                           team, and experiencing the leadership at the
                                                                           multi district events, my Rotary battery is
                                                                           charged and ready again for action.
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