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Making a Difference With Food For Health

Our E-Club and OPAL (SA Health) have launched a major project,

Food For Health providing Healthy alternatives for a Healthier Lifestyle. The key focus of this project is to promote better food choices for a healthier lifestyle. Community Organisations and Service Clubs have an important role to play in encouraging these healthier lifestyles.

This can be achieved by adopting guidelines and recipes from our website which will help our commitment to serve humanity by keeping you and your family healthy.

By adopting these beneficial lifestyle choices, the program supports our community to live a longer, healthier life where people have fewer long-term chronic diseases.

Our children are the first generation in human history to face the risk of a shorter lifespan than their parents. Why? Shifts in diet, lifestyle patterns and the unhealthy environment in which we live contribute to this. Did you know that there are more health risks due to over-nutrition than under-nutrition in the world today, with more than one billion people living with obesity and related health issues? So, what can Rotary do to help?

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